Aglona basilica is a place where you can gain strength for everyday life. This is one of the most known Catholic sacred sites. Every year on the August 15th (The Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven) hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world goes to Aglona basilica. Already in 1699 there was a small wooden church built in Aglona. In 1751 Livonian bishop Joseph Dominic Puzinas consecrated the church. As famous in the world as Aglona basilica is also the icon “Our Miraculous Lady of Aglona”, which is placed next to the altar. People say that this icon has healing power. Most of pilgrims go big distance only to see this famous icon.

Address: Aglona Basilica, Aglona, Aglonas pagasts, LV-5304
Phone: +371 29188740; +371 65381109
web page:
Coordinates: 56.125235, 27.013975

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