Zarasai is one of the most beautiful Lithuanian resort towns, surrounded by 4 lakes and is only 27 km from Daugavpils. This is a place to relax, enjoy peace and a romantic city-like atmosphere. The most significant object of the town is the observation deck, which is located above Lake Zarasai. Alongside there are a sculpture park and a promenade for leisurely walks along the lake shore.
In summer, the Galapagai Music Festival and other cultural events take place on the big island of Zarasai Lake. This island also has a beachfront setting. However, the main center for active recreation is the Zarasai Lake Beach with a 10-meter high jumping tower.

There are several interesting places outside the city:
– Stelmuižė manor house, church and grand parcel next to one of the oldest oak in Europe (“Stelmužės”);
–  Place of the Holy Virgin Mary’s exposure and a chapel near Lake Ilgis, one of the Lithuania’s sacred sites;

– Šlyninkai water mill, 300 years old.

Zarasai District Tourist Information Center
Address: Sēļu laukums. 22, Zarasai, LT-32110
Phone: +370 385 37171, +370 682 40988

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