Mākoņkalns (Clщud mount) is located next to lake Rāznas. Its peak is 248 meters above sea level, but its relative high is 60 meters. It is one of the highest hills in Latgale, therefore it is also called Padebešu (sky) hill.

The Volkenberga castle, which is considered as one of the first fortifications in Latgale, was built in 1252 on Mākoņkalns. Now we can see only ruins of Volkenberga castle on this hill. There is a small monument by this mount which is made in honor of Kārlis Ulmanis (first Prime Minister of Latvia) who visited Mākoņkalns.

You can see lake Rāzna and lake Ubagova from this hill. There are long, steep stairs leading to the top of the hill.

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