In every town going by public transport is like an adventure, which lets to know the town from one more side. Daugavpils is one of the three Latvian towns where trams is a part of public transportation. Tram Nr.3 is the most valuable for tourists, because it lets to see the most important objects from all town:

1) The end stop “Cietoksnis” ir near the Daugavpils fortress;

2) The stop “Tirgus” is near the town’s market (“ Ditton namam”) in the center of the town;

3) The stop “Baznīckalns” stops nearby the churches of four confessions and by the distance of just a few minutes there are Daugavpils shot factory;

4) The start stop “Stropu ezers” is nearby the shore of Daugavpils town biggest lake, on which shores there’re also equipped beaches.

For large tourist groups there’s a chance to reserve a special Retro tram Nr.065. Call +371 28452723.

A/S “Daugavpils satiksme”

Addess: 18.novembra 183, Daugavpils, LV-5417, Latvia

Phone: +371 65433632

 e-mail: info@dsatiksme.lv 

web page:  satiksme.daugavpils.lv

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