The current Daugavpils City Centre was developed after 1826, as the construction of the fortress was started. Therefore, in spite of the ancient history, in today’s Daugavpils you will not find buildings that were older than the 19th century. In order to protect the city from the flood, along with the construction of the city and the fortress, an impressive protective dam was built, and nowadays there’s a street of November 18th on it. One of the central streets in Daugavpils is Riga street, which leads from the Station to the Daugava. It is one of the first pedestrian streets in the Baltic states, which was established in the 20th century 70’s. In the centre of the city there are many tourism objects to visit:

– Unity House (built in 1936-1937), which houses the Daugavpils theater;
– several sacred buildings – St. Peter’s in Chains Roman Catholic Church, the Daugavpils Synagogue, the St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox chapel;
– Daugavpils market – “Ditton Nams”;
– Dubrovin Park, Central Park, Esplenade Park (on the outskirts of the center);
– Daugavpils Regional History and Art Museum, Latgale Zoo, Science and Curiosity Center Zinoo etc.

Daugavpils tourism information centre

Phone number: +371 65422818 +371 26444810

E-mail: turisms@daugavpils.lv

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