“Ditton nams” is one of the biggest shopping centers in Latgalia and even in Latvia. This shopping center is built on the place where used to be old marketplace. Whole area of the shopping center is about 50 000 square meters.

In “Ditton Nams”  there are more than 800 shopping places. The are also cafes and even a cinema in this shopping center. It is favorite place for many locals and many tourists. There are more than 5 million “Ditton Nams” visitors every year. And the shopping center wants to expand and have even more places for entertainment.

Address: Cietokšņa iela 60, Daugavpils, LV 5401
Phone:  (+371) 654 28252
fax: (+371) 654 07004
e-mail: info@dittongroup.lv

web page: www.ditton.lv

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