Luznava Manor is one of the most beautiful estates in Latgale, built between 1905 and 1911 and is an excellent example of a romantic Art Nouveau architecture. At that time, it was a cultural center, as various artists, poets, and musicians came here in the summer. The original interior of the castle was deposited during World War I and later, when the manor house was adapted to the needs of different specialty schools. Lūznava Elementary School in the manor house was functioning until 2009. Afterwards, the manor was reconstructed and redeemed. Now since 2015, the manor has been open to visitors as an international center for art, music and environmental education and various cultural events take place there.

Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Lūznavas pag., Rezeknes novads, LV-4627

Phone: +371 28686863, +371 29390701


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